At Brinkmann Media, we started Happy People Multimedia to meet the production needs of families and their special events. We create documentary style legacy videos. With the hectic culture that we live in today, sometimes we do not take the time to share our stories and explain our family histories to our children. So many family stories may be shared, but are never preserved for future generations. Create a lasting legacy that you can pass on. Legacy videos are keepsakes that you can give to your children and grandchildren. These family style documentaries can be elaborate creations, including special family events (family reunions), interviews, photos, and musical selections, or they can be simple slideshows set to music. Whatever you desire, you can be sure that your video will be professionally, tastefully, and beautifully crafted.

-This 5-10 minute slideshow features family photos set to music. This package carries the option to add up to five home movie clips ~349

-This 15-20 minute documentary style video includes photographs, musical selections, an unlimited number of home movie clips (that can fit into 20 minutes) and one interview, shot with either one family member or a group ~ 949

-This is a once-in-a-lifetime, family documentary. You choose the style - whether Ken Burns or something more lighthearted and humorous. This professionally filmed piece is anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour in length. Photographs are intricately edited throughout professionally shot, individual interviews with up to seven family members. Choose to have a special event, like a family reunion filmed. Home video footage is added for preservation along with musical selections chosen by the family. Share family struggles and triumphs, tell your funny stories, and pass on a heritage of memories to your children or grandchildren. These are moments that need to be preserved because they are priceless. This package carries the option of adding one custom-made musical selection written just for your family documentary. Includes custom graphics ~ 2349 +

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