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We love what we do because we are in the storytelling business. If you are a parent or teacher, you know how important storytelling can be. Even before recorded history, stories were told to pass knowledge and tradition on to the next generation. We believe that in today's culture, storytelling is just as important, not only for the preservation of family memories, but for the historical account of company beginnings and communicating the messages of the future.
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Some people may wonder why we are located in Cleveland, TN and in Somerset, PA. We decided to move the business to Cleveland when my wife took a position teaching communication at Lee University. Because we still have family and a home in Pennsylvania, we decided keep our office in Somerset and open a new office in Cleveland, TN. Our company provides services our local communities and beyond.

Matt on location with golf legend
Arnold Palmer ~ 2011

Good Value Doesn't
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I have always had high standards when it comes to video and film production. Actually, I have those same standards with just about everything. Sometimes I am disappointed when I expect these same standards from the services that I use. I have come to realize though, that not all companies have the same philosophy as me. I guess I learned about these company principles from my grandfather. He operated a remodeling and insulation business back in Cedar Rapids, Iowa when I was a kid. He believed in honesty, integrity, and fairness.




He always gave his best services to every client, and if something wasn't right, he fixed it until it was right–everytime! This is what I give to my clients. I provide a professional product at a competitive, but fair-market rate. I work with my clients to make sure we tailor their production to their needs. If something isn't they way we agreed upon, I make it right–everytime!


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